Police Training

We have been Training Handlers and there dogs for over 47 years both in Private & Law Enforcement

  • We are a professional Dog Training & K9 Service Business who supports the common need for different professional Services & Training related to Canine use.
  • We Provide The Following in Services : Purchase & Selection of K9,Training in Control , Detection, Obedience, Tracking, Search, for Enforcement Canines and there applicable use in the Law Enforcement Environment.

A full package of the right stuff for your K9 team

Some Training Segments Are As Follows:

  • Handler Training Course to meet standards of certification multiple week course.
  • Dog(s) for Acquisition (Importing of actual Dog for Department from (Czech Republic)
  • Dog or Dogs with quality selection process for the specific need
  • Detection (Narcotics Elements , Weapons / Nitrate detection, etc.
  • Obedience (Entry Level Beginner & Advanced Skills) On and Off Lead Control
  • POLICE Criminal Apprehension , Patrol functions of Police K-9 units Handler Protection
  • Tracking a.k.a. Manhunting.
  • Search Area, Grid, Scent Discrimination

Many of these Functions can be tied into one dog & handler Team, ask for information to be specific to your need.